How to Make Soy Wax Tarts With Clamshells

Follow along and watch step by step as I show you how to make soy wax tarts with clamshells. Soy wax tarts are super easy to make and an inexpensive addition to your candle line. They're great for customers who don't burn candles. 

First off lets talk about what you'll need.
You'll need wax clamshells, we carry two sizes, Small and Large. The small holds around 3-3.5 oz of wax by weight and the large holds around 5.5-6 oz of wax by weight.

You'll also need:
Soy wax
Fragrance oil
Liquid Candle Dye
Pour Pitcher
Stirring Utensil
Kitchen Scale
Heat Source (double boiler, wax melter, or hot plate)

Step 1:
Weigh out your wax on your kitchen scale.

Step 2: 
Place thermometer inside pitcher and place on heat source.

Step 3: 
Heat wax to 185 F. You must reach 185 F in order for the fragrance oil to bind correctly to the soy wax.

Step 4:
Once heated, remove the wax from your heat source. Now it's time to add your fragrance oil. We add 9% fragrance oil by weight to our soy wax tarts. Add fragrance and thoroughly mix.

Step 5:
Next it's time to add color to your soy wax tarts. You want to add your color/dye after you have added your fragrance oil because some fragrance oil will change the color of your soy wax. Since we've added our fragrance oil now it's time to add the dye. Your dye will look much darker in hot wax than when it is cooled. A trick is to add your color and once you think you've reached your desired color take a couple drops of hot wax and put on a white piece of paper, it will cool quickly and give you a more accurate idea of what your cooled wax tarts will look like. If you think it needs to be darker you can then add more dye. Mix thoroughly.

Step 6:
Now it's time to pour your soy wax tarts. If your wax is still very hot you may want to wait until your wax has cooled some. We typically wait until the wax is between 135-150 F before pouring into the clamshells. Once poured you simply let them cool overnight and then they're ready to label and sell!