How to Make Essential Oil Candles With Soy Wax

Learn step by step how to make your own essential oil candles. Many people love essential oil candles because they only contain soy wax and pure essential oils. They're fun to make and experiment with as well as great additions to your aromatherapy lines! 

First off it's very important to understand that scenting soy candles with pure essential oils is MUCH different than scenting your soy candles with fragrance oils. Pure essential oil is derived from the plant itself, there are no carrier oils, additives, stabilizers or diluents. Compared to lavender fragrance oil, lavender fragrance oil does have some lavender essential oil but it also has many additives and carriers to help stabilize the fragrance so it has a strong hot and cold throw. The lavender essential oil candle does not have these stabilizers or additives so the scent will be much more light and subtle. 

Every essential oil is different so you'll have to do some experimenting with the amounts of oil you'll be using with your essential oil candles. Also, many like to mix and blend different essential oils to get different scents.

The process of making essential oil candles is fairly similar to making soy candles with normal fragrance oils, there are just several differences in temperatures. Because there are no stabilizers in essential oils you can't pour the fragrance at 185 F. This is because the wax is too hot and the essential oils will immediately burn off and the candle will not smell at all. 

Instead you want to bring your wax up to 185 F then set to the side and let cool to around 130-135 F. Typically the pitcher is no longer super hot to the touch and the wax begins to get a little bit cloudy. Once cooled you can now add your essential oil. 

The amount of essential oil you'll use will depend on your preference. You will have to experiment and find what percentage you like the best. Once you decide on the percentage go ahead and add your essential oil and stir VERY well. It's very important to stir very well because if you do not, the essential oil will not distribute evenly in the wax and this can lead to the top of the candle igniting when you light it. This can also happen if you use too much essential oil so again it is very important to be careful when making these! This is why it's important to start with a small percentage and work your way up as needed.

After everything is added and mixed you can go ahead and pour your wax into your candle container as you normally would and let cool over night!