How To Color Candles With Candle Dye

Follow along and learn how to easily add color to your soy candles. Adding color to soy candles is very simple, there are three different types of candle dye but the method is relatively the same for each. 

First things first, you should put on gloves and cover your work space so that you don't color or dye your fingers, table or counter tops. 

The first type of candle dye is Diamond Dye Chips. Some people prefer to use the Diamond Dye Chips because it's easy to remember how many chips to use each time they make candles. Some important things to note about this type of candle dye is that many of these colors will give you a more pastel color in your soy wax. You must also remember to completely dissolve these chips in your soy wax in order to avoid having any solid color specs in your finished soy candle.

The second type of candle dye is our highly concentrated Liquid Dye. We prefer and typically use this type of dye when we color our soy candles. It's the easiest to use because you literally just add drops with our dropper tips until you reach the color you're looking for. More drops equals a darker candle. You can make virtually any color by mixing colors and you don't have to worry about the dye dissolving or leaving solid specs behind. Once you find the color you're looking for just write down how many drops of color you used per pound of soy wax so it's easily repeatable.   

The third type of candle dye is our Dye Blocks. These are not the same as other company's dye blocks as our dye blocks are much larger and can dye up to 10-20 pounds of soy wax with just one block depending on the shade of color you're trying to achieve. We also find that these Dye Blocks are easier to dissolve than Diamond Dye Chips. 

Some important tips to get consistent colors: it's always best to add your fragrance oil first because some fragrance oils can change the color of your soy wax. Secondly, when working with the dye chips and dye blocks it's best to add them at 185 F so that they fully dissolve. The hotter the wax the more easily they dissolve. 

Colors will typically look darker when they're mixed in hot wax. When you think you've reached your desired color take a couple of drips of hot wax and drip onto a white piece of paper. Once it cools it gives you a more accurate idea of what your candle will look like once cooled.

Whichever method you use to color your soy candles it's best to take detailed notes, this way when you go back to make the same candles or work with that color again you have some method of repeatability. 

The best formula is to write down how much color you used per pound of soy wax. This way you can multiply this amount by the number of pounds of soy wax you're using.