Start Your Candle Business

In order to provide the best customer service, spots for this online course are extremely limited at this time. If you're at all interested, please read on below and I'd recommend signing up as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee a spot for everyone! Thank you!

What You'll Learn

  • How to build your own professional online website to accept orders
  • How to create your own brand such as getting a logo, label, and packaging designed and printed
  • How to bring targeted traffic to your website using marketing, advertising, and social media
  • Step by step how to sell on  different third party platforms
  • How to efficiently fulfill orders from your website and third party platforms while saving money with discounted USPS and UPS rates
  • We're going to continue to update this course with the most requested content in order to provide the information that you're looking for. This may be something we've over looked but may bring the most benefit  to you so please let us know!
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Build Your Own Online Store

Hannah and Tim run multiple online e-commerce stores. This picture depicts 30 days of sales for only one of our online stores. Every business is different but they all take a lot of hard work, effort, and time to build and scale. This is in no way a guarantee that you will make the sales displayed or any sales at all but it does show the power of e-commerce and the potential it has. 

There are a lot of benefits to having your own online store such as starting small and working on it at home in your free time and very low start up overhead costs compared to brick and mortar space. For example, an online store can be run at a base price of ~$29/month compared to thousands in rent for a retail store. Online stores are fairly easy to build with the right direction. You can have a professional looking site up in a couple of hours, ready to make sales.

You will be able to share your website link with friends and family as well as market and advertise it online. It easily keeps track of customer orders, wholesale orders, accepts customer payments, and ship orders at the best prices possible.

I (Hannah) originally started an online store as a creative hobby while working a full time job to make some extra money. It quickly grew big enough to support a full time income allowing me to quit my day job and continue working on my own business. I loved the freedom of waking up and working on my business on my own time. 

Create Your Own Brand

  • Don't have any experience with graphic design? No problem, we'll show you some easy to learn methods to help you get started designing. 
  • Don't want to learn graphic design? No problem. We'll show you how to easily work with graphic designers to get your logos,  product labels, packaging, and promotional content professionally designed for a very low price. 
  • Learn how to get your labels professionally printed in small quantities and large quantities at an affordable price.
Herbal Skin Care
Herbal Skin Care

Marketing, Advertising, Social Media

You could have the best product and website in the world but if no one knows that you exist, you'll never bring any traffic to your website or make any sales. We'll show you how to drive traffic to your website using marketing, advertising, and social media. 

We're experts at marketing. The fact that you're reading this right now is proof. You didn't magically find this page, you most likely watched one of our free candle making tutorials, found us on social media, clicked a targeted ad on a search engine, or received an email from us. We'll show you how to do the same marketing that we do. 

For example, how to get your products to show on search engine products and shopping, how to advertise them on 3 different top websites, how to re target customers that came to your website and left without making a purchase or abandoned their shopping cart. How to build a customer base as well as send out emails, announcements, and sales to them. Ultimately, we will show you how to build and scale your business to the customers that are looking for your products!

Spots Are Limited

In order to provide the best customer service as well as create additional requested course content in a timely manner, spots for this course will be kept to an extremely limited number of students at this time. If you're interested at all in taking this course, I would recommend signing up as soon as possible as we cannot guarantee spots for everybody. We appreciate your understanding and only want to give you the time and attention you need to grow and learn.  

- Hannah

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