Coconut Soy Luxury Candle Wax EC26

Product Description
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A sophisticated and luxurious soy coconut blend wax for luxury candle making. This candle wax also has a very small amount of refined food grade paraffin wax to help with wax performance. We have found that this small addition of paraffin wax enhances its excellent hot throw that candle makers have come to love.

This wax is also known on the market as EC26 by CalWax

This candle wax leaves a creamy off white appearance, has excellent hot and cold fragrance throw and provides an even burn. This wax is ideal for pouring container candles with great glass jar adhesion.

Max fragrance load: 9-10%
Melt Point: 122 F
Mixing and Pouring Temperature: 180-190 F

This wax comes in slab form, it is easy to cut with one of our soap/wax cutters. The manufacturer hand pours the slabs and they're not always exactly 5 lb, sometimes they're a little more, sometimes a little less, sometimes 5 lb - please be aware. 

This wax is usually used by candle makers to make high end, luxury candles.

Please contact for pallet shipping pricing! 

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